My Girl


One word that's jam packed with sleepless nights, crustless sandwiches, mommy-look-at-me's, and a never ceasing achey-love.

Casey's my firstborn and in my eyes, she completely broke the mold. She's not your typical kiddo. She may be turning 8, but it's her soul's 30th birthday. And as an almost-30 year old, I envy her confidence, awareness, maturity and selflessness. She never withholds a compliment. She always celebrates you, backs you, and thinks about you. She is your biggest advocate...whoever you are. She teaches me about forgiveness and the sometimes blinding "bright side". I am confident her calling to this life is huge and I think she knows that too. You're gonna kill it, sister-girl.

She never wants to get married and plans to be a crazy cat lady......and I fully support that. :)

Tonight we drove out at sunset and scouted this cute area on the side of the road for an impromptu photoshoot! These are all shot on digital edited with Mastin Lab presets to look like film.......

'cause I just went hybrid y'all!

Valentine's Day Florals with Oak and Ash

Jess and I had started following each other on social media days before we had randomly been introduced after a church service when she first came to Society Church. We were fast friends, having a very similar vision/passion for our businesses and family life, as well as the same longing for deeper community within those things. She, her husband Brett, and their incredibly sweet daughter Briar have become like family. It's that just-come-in-and-help-yourself-to-the-fridge, make-four-cups-of-coffee-and-plant-yourself-on-my-couch kind of friendship. It's honest and raw; there's no judgement or worry. There's grace always. I have a low tolerance for competition and one-upping among friends, and this girl rallies behind me because she's confident in her own gift. I wish I could see more of that within our industry. Do you have someone speaking life into you and your gifts? Who are your people? 

Follow my girl and more of her lovely work on Instagram: @oak.and.ash

The Perez Family - The Warehouse Artist Lofts, Sacramento CA

I met Sarah at a creative meeting when I first started attending our church last year . She is a person you just instantly dig. And she's got this loveotherswithoutflinching-thing down, which is crazy convicting. She's shown such grace to me in our friendship and I just appreciate her so much. I've enjoyed seeing her business flourish and watching her raise her daughter, Harper (Ain't she a beaut? Them baby blues kill me!). She and her husband Patrick have created so much love in their loft, you just wanna sit and stay awhile. 

I hope you enjoy this little holiday sesh with this sweet trio!

Leanne + Travis, Pageo Lavender Farm in Turlock, CA

Pageo is one of my favorite wedding venues - so happy I got to photograph Leanne + Travis' wedding there this fall! It's this cozy, intimate little gem that's sorta smack-dab in the middle of nowhere. Now I haven't actually shot a wedding when the lavender is actually in bloom, but it's been beautiful nonetheless. HAH. 

Let's praise some of the other pretty ladies that also worked this wedding :

Floral: Kaylia of Tumbleweed Floral Truck

Makeup: Jocelyn McKay of Jocey Bossy Beauty (ig: @joceybossybeauty

Videography: Cassidy Nordine (ig: @cassidynordine)

The Higgins Family - Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco CA

Yeeeeeeesssssssss. Yes yes yes! Uber dreamy light and this incredibly stylish family have me extra-loving my job. My families are nailing it this year! Beautiful mama Mandi expressed that it was like planning a wedding trying to put this shoot together. I have to say as a photographer I completely understand that and put my all into executing each shoot as best I can. These are forever photos, right? I hope to be shooting their family for a long time - they're some of my favorite people!

Casey + Jared, Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastopol, CA

I've known these two since elementary school, so for Casey to reach out for me to photograph her wedding was incredibly touching! And I looooooved their venue - Hopmonk Tavern is such a fun, trendy, rustic place and with help from Freckled Floral, the wedding came together so well. The sun didn't set for a long time which made everything so dreamy in that golden hour glow. Many blessings to these sweethearts!

The Smith Family - Walnut Creek, CA


It's rich and rooted deeply in love. You can have nothing and yet you have everything. 

I had the pleasure of photographing a fellow photog's family in Walnut Creek a couple weeks ago, and I had been anticipating this shoot for months. Alex and I met online and decided to swap family sessions; I was really excited to meet her in person! She and her family were everything I expected - seriously the most lovable, incredible bunch. She is such a good mama and I'm thrilled that another little bean is on its way! Yaaaaaaaay!


Vintage Ethereal Shoot at The Murer House, Folsom CA


Whenever my friend Anna flies in from Florida we come together to make some magic. Ain't she a beaut? I teamed up with my other girl Jessica Miller of Oak and Ash (look her up on IG; her work is ridiculous!) as she is amaaaazing at floral designing. We put this ethereal shoot together in a week and it soothed all the deep aches in me that needed to create.

It's soooooo important to shoot personal work. I love having complete creative control and no expectations other than my own to fabricate a shoot, capturing only what I want to capture. No, there is no story here and that's OK. It was for my own soul and joy. :) Here are my favorite images from this shoot!

Old Sugar Mill Engagement - Casey + Jared

I've known these two lovebirds since high school and I was beyond excited when they asked me to photograph their wedding in the fall! Are you kidding? Talk about sentimental. And I had so much fun at their engagement session; we spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon under twinkly lights in an old sugar mill drinking wine and catching up on life. Such amazing people these two have become and I'm honored to be a part of their journey!


Elegant Grass Valley Engagement Session, Empire Mine State Park - Leanne + Travis

All of the feels. All of them. 

What a great day with such a fun couple! And I will never tire of shooting at this location.

I have a special place in my heart for shooting veteran couples - you know, the ones that date forever until they finally tie the knot? I get to watch the spark light up again as the session goes on and I can tell they are getting even more excited to be wed! Thank you to Leanne and Travis for letting me be a part of your love journey. :)


Southern Styled Shoot - Oldfield Plantation, South Carolina

I'm finally getting around to blogging my favorite images from Jeremy Chou's workshop I attended at the end of February! The team did an amazing job with the setup - and the location didn't hurt either. I had never been to the South before, and I couldn't have asked for a better way to experience it! I hung out with and shot alongside some incredible photographers from all over, and got to meet some talented vendors. Thanks, Jeremy, for having us! It was gorgeous!

Venue: Oldfield Plantation, Instructor: Jeremy Chou, Event Coordination: Alysse Sweeney -Design Studio South, Event Design: Tristan Needham - Design Studio South, Floral: Colonial House of Flowers, Lifestyle Models: Meghan Johnson + Chandler Fritts, Bride + Groom Models: Brittani Dremann + Ryan Claus, Rentals: Amazing Event Rentals, Hair and Makeup: Bride's Side Beauty, Cake: Savannah's Hall of Cakes, Stationary: Cake Papier, Gown Designer: Saint Isabel Bridal, Car Rental: AE Luxury Limo | Sponsors: Cypress Albums, The Find Lab, Mastin Labs + Align Album Design

A Santa Cruz Engagement Session, Amy + Josh

Oooh! I could just squeal with delight over these two! 

Josh and Amy are such sweethearts. I so enjoyed spending the day with them in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA!  I admire their adoration for one another and am amazed at the incredible friendship they have. Can you say, #relationshipgoals? Their marriage will definitely be a blessing and I can't wait to capture their wedding this summer! Also, always a pleasure working with with my best bud, Freckled Floral!


A Morning in the Studio with Sarah Perez - Electric Sun Creatives

"The discipline of creation, be it to paint, compose, write, is an effort towards wholeness." -Madeleine L'Engle

I had the incredible opportunity of spending a Tuesday morning with Sarah of Electric Sun Creatives in her beautiful studio in Sacramento. I experienced the entire creative process of her unique wall-hangings: from carefully cutting and purposefully choosing each piece of metal, to the welding and forming of her final creations. Her system is insanely impressive - I could not hold back from my "ooh"-ing" and "ahh-ing"!

But besides oozing talent and being incredibly hardworking, let me just say - she's a total gem. It's no wonder she's successful. She has a sincerity and warmth about her that makes it truly understandable why she's able to reach her audience and connect with others the way she does. I seriously could hang with the girl all day. And how she balances being a toddler mama and a small biz owner so well is beyond me!  A #girlboss at her finest. 

Please check out her Etsy shop here and show her some love on Instagram!

Bay Area Lifestyle Session | The DeBennings

A happy family is but an earlier heaven. - George Bernard Shaw

And the above is so true about this family. There is warmth, connection and adoration for one another; a couple that utterly and completely loves their children. Courtney pours her heart into making her home a place that draws you in to find rest and where fellowship is easy. Thank you to the DeBennings for welcoming me into your life for a day.