Valentine's Day Florals with Oak and Ash

Jess and I had started following each other on social media days before we had randomly been introduced after a church service when she first came to Society Church. We were fast friends, having a very similar vision/passion for our businesses and family life, as well as the same longing for deeper community within those things. She, her husband Brett, and their incredibly sweet daughter Briar have become like family. It's that just-come-in-and-help-yourself-to-the-fridge, make-four-cups-of-coffee-and-plant-yourself-on-my-couch kind of friendship. It's honest and raw; there's no judgement or worry. There's grace always. I have a low tolerance for competition and one-upping among friends, and this girl rallies behind me because she's confident in her own gift. I wish I could see more of that within our industry. Do you have someone speaking life into you and your gifts? Who are your people? 

Follow my girl and more of her lovely work on Instagram: @oak.and.ash

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